FRYDEAS FILMS - A FRYBIZ Company - Production,Network Distribution and Equipment Rentals

  • EQUIPMENT RENTALS Station Management 
We offer complete production packages for LIVE events, TV series or specials. 4K cameras, Final Cut and Avid editing Suites, Drones, GoPro Cameras, 16 foot ride on Camera Crane, crew communications for LIVE events and more.

Save money by Outsourcing your Master Control. We are building a state of the art ATSC 3.0 master control operation to source movies, pay per view and more for our clients. Stay tunes for the future of television.

  .  Syndication and Market Clearing
   Frydeas will syndicate your network or TV program nationally. We have a network of TV stations available in US markets for individual programs or networks.We can clear your TV network on broadcast stations. Most top 50 markets are available. Call us or email for details. 


 CALL 225-316-8857

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