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   2019 is shaping up to e a GREAT year for our industry. Frydeas Films has added many new rental items to help producers of all types of productions. From ZAXCOM miniature recorders with hidden waterproof VT mics to wireless Clear-Com communications systems to keep your crew rolling. Latest gimbals, dollies, Cranes and full line of DJI Osmo and Drones for getting the shot you deserve. LOCAL and AFFORDABLE.

   Studio rentals available loaded with scenery, lighting, robotic cameras and more. We even deliver anywhere in Louisiana.

We offer:

  • National syndication for TV networks.
  • Distribution of content and syndication services.
  • Award Winning Film and Video Production
  • Crane and Camera rentals
  • Studio rentals
  • We designed, built and launched a new LPTV station in June of 2009 for 900k that sold in November 2011 for 1.95M. Click here to see the story:
  • Remote Master Control Services for Networks and Stations
Visit our companies: Colorado Xtreme, OMC.Frybiz and the Louisiana Film Channel.

Call us today for a FREE initial consultation

@ 225-316-8857 or

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